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We offer bad credit auto loans unlike any other Used Car Dealership in Las Vegas!

At Precision Auto Lending We Get People Approved for bad credit auto loans. Our second chance auto loan program is unlike any other flexible finance program in Las Vegas.  Although many other Used Car Dealerships in Las Vegas may claim to have an easy auto loan finance program for people with bad credit, few come close to the guaranteed auto loan program that we offer here at Precision Auto Lending.  As long as you have a valid ID and down payment, we will get you approved for second chance financing.  

At Precision Auto Lending we are extremely proud of the products and services that we offer our customers.  Used Car Dealerships have a well deserved reputation for leaving people high and dry, but with Precision Auto Lending we offer our customers a world class second chance auto loan program.  So if you have bad credit, repossessions, bankruptcies, open auto loans, or any other typical “deal killers”, we would love to help you with your auto loan. 

We Finance Any Situation!

All you need is a VALID ID, Down Payment, and you must insure the vehicle you purchase!!

  • Stop paying a monthly repair bill for an old clunker that barely works!

  • We pay top dollar for trades!

  • We get you approved even if you can’t prove income!

  • We get you approved even if you can’t prove residence!

  • We get you approved even if you don’t have a Drivers License!

  • We get you approved even if you have a recent repo!

  • We get you approved even if you have an open and delinquent auto loan!

  • We back our cars up in writing with a maintenance program free to our customers!

  • We report your timely payments to the credit agency so that you can establish or rebuild credit!

  • No other dealership in Las Vegas has access to our primary lenders!!

  • Get off the bus and stop asking for rides from friends and family!

  • Stop waisting cash on Uber and Lyft!

  • We can get you approved!

At Precision Auto Lending in Las Vegas we take pride in offering second chance auto loans and providing our customers with a unique bad credit auto loan program that just isn’t available anywhere else.  No Used Car Dealership in Las Vegas can compete with our auto finance program.  Our loans are more flexible than any other lending program in Las Vegas.  We truly do help our customers.

Precision Auto Lending
2430 N. Decatur Blvd #140
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Precision Auto Lending

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At Precision Auto Lending we strive to be a different type of Used Car Dealership in Las Vegas. We help our customers get financed even if they have been turned away elsewhere. Our Guaranteed Finance Program is like no other program in town. We offer flexible down payment options, we offer several payment options to suit the needs of our customers, and we back our vehicles up in writing. In addition, we have professionals in every department who are highly trained to provide the best customer experience. We are not located in the Valley Auto Mall or in the Centennial Auto Center so we have to earn the right to get an opportunity to help each and every customer. When it comes to selling quality used vehicles, flexible financing options, and world class customer service; no other Used Car Dealership offers what we do at Precision Auto Lending. What does it take to get approved? Great question! Below are some keys. -You must have a valid identification. -You must have full coverage insurance on the vehicle you choose to purchase. -You must have a down payment. How much? Bring what you have! That's all that you need to get approved! If you have other items such as proof of income and proof of residence you can bring those but they are no mandatory.